School Planner

Class Assemblies

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Special Assemblies

Class Date Topic
Nursery 7th, Feb-20 We are Indians!
KG 4th, Oct-19 Festivals are Fun!
I 20th, Dec-19 Vive-e-vent The Christmas Story
II 30th, Aug-19 The Toy Land
VIII 25th, April-19 India - Land of relief feature
IV 9th, May-19 The glory of motherhood
III 14th, Aug-19 Unity in diversity
IX 29th, Aug-19 Be a responsible citizen
X/XII 5th, Sep-19 Teacher - My source of inspiration
VII 23rd, Oct-19 My strength - My father
V 26th, Dec-19 Gratitude is the best attitude
VI 6th, Feb-20 Healthy India
XI 15th, Feb-20 Farewell - Bid adieu

House Assemblies

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Inter House Competitions

Dates Class Competition
24th, April-19 III-V/VI-VIII/IX-XII Calligraphy Competition/Slogan Writing
3rd, May-19 III-V/VI-VIII Balloon attack/Painting Competition
22nd, May-19 VI-XII Street-Play
5th, July-19 VI-VIII/IX-XII Verbal Duel
17th, July-19 IX-XII Badminton Competition
24th, July-19 V-VIII Badminton Competition
7th, Aug-19 III-V/VI-VIII/IX-XII Tug of War
4th, Sept-19 III-V/VI-VIII/IX-XII Poem Recitation
25th, Sept-19 VI-XII Volley Ball
16th, Oct-19 III-VIII T.T Competition
25th, Oct-19 III-XII Rangoli Making
15th-17th Jan-20 VI-XII T-10 Cricket Tournament

Club Activities

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Important Events@School

Dates Occasion
29th – 30th April-19 Nomination

Investiture Ceremony
1st, May-19 Elections
8th, May-19 Oath Ceremony
27th, July-19   Exhibition
23rd, Aug-19   Plantation Drive
Nov-19 - Dec-19   Annual Event
15th, Feb-20   Accreditation Ceremony
16th, Feb-20   Farewell Party
Feb-20   Class Photograph
20th, March-20   Graduation Day
29th, Feb-20  

The Result day
27th, March-20  
28th, March-20  

Educational Trips and Excursions

Educational Trips and Excursions
1 The Traffic Training Park Rock sports camp
2 Nehru Planetarium Akshardham Temple
3 Visit to Post office Visit to Maruti Udyog
4 Zoo District Court Dwarka
5 India Gate Worlds of Wonder
6 Deer Park Pratapgarh Farm
7 Aero Planet National Science Centre
8 Eco Adventure Park Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah
9 Doll’s Museum Visit to old Age home
10 Rail Museum Kurukshetra
11 Qutub Minar National Museum
12 Visit to Fire Station Out Station Trip